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What we offer

Full Board

• Daily group or private (your option) turn out on grass.

• 12X13 well bedded stall. Stalls are “freshened” four times a day.

• Quality hay fed four times a day.

• 12% complete pellet is fed twice daily. Other feeds and supplements available upon request. An additional charge may apply.

Cost $600.00 per month



• Option One: includes three 40 minute sessions per week. Cost $360.00 per month. (12 sessions per month)

• Option Two: includes six 40 minute sessions per week. Student may choose to substitute up to two training sessions for private lessons. Cost $600.00 per month. (24 training sessions per month)



Cost $35.00 per 1/2 hour | $60.00 per hour



Saturday Programs
(For kids 8-15 years of age)

Conducted through out the year with the exception of June through August when it is replaced with our Summer Program. Cost $240 - $300 per month depending on whether there are 4 or 5 sessions. We offer an introductory session for the reduced cost of $50.00.

Cost $240-300.00 per month | $50 introductory rate




  • Within two hours of Blue Skye Stables. Cost $100.00 per horse (minimum three horses)

  • Long distance hauling is usually more economical for one or two horses if done by a professional transporter. We offer our four horse trailer and F 350 truck at the rate of $50.00 per hour plus the cost of fuel (10 miles per gallon). Since we do the driving, you are assured of very safe and loving care. Fee is based on round trip.

  • Coaching at shows and events

    Cost $35.00 per student



    • Mane Pulling $20.00

    • Grooming (when not related to training) $8.00

    • Bathing $15.00

    • Body Clipping $50.00

    • Sheath Cleaning $15.00

    • Worming $10-15.00 (depends on product)

    • Unspecified fees for veterinary care to be determined at the rate of $20.00 per hour (billed in 15 minute increments)



    We offer seven days six nights intensive training programs on our horses. During the term, students receive two lessons per day. The needs of the student dictate the type of lesson which is given. Usually we try to incorporate longeing, gymnastic jumping, and dressage.

    Students fly into Orlando International Airport. We suggest renting a vehicle although transportation can be arranged. Most hotels are within 30 minutes of our facility and rates are between $75.00 and $200.00 per night. We also offer the rental of our guest room and bath at the rate of $60.00 per night. There is a refrigerator and you may use our kitchen, washer/dryer, Jacuzzi, and exercise equipment.

    Cost for 7 days / 6 nights Intensive $490.00
    with guest room, $910.00



    Summer Program
    (Limited enrollment for students 8 -17 years of age)

    In order to provide a comprehensive educational experience, we limit our enrollment to twelve students per weekly session. Our summer program begins June 2013. We offer weekly sessions, which are scheduled from 9 – 4 Monday through Friday. The program continues through August.

    Students will receive a mounted group lesson daily and participate in all aspects of stable management and equine care. In addition, there will be daily classroom instruction which is based on the US Pony Club Manual, and swimming for those who wish to cool off!

    Cost per session is $300.00. Two consecutive sessions $550.00.